Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

What Is A Sacroiliac Joint Fusion?

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Fusion is a procedure that is used as a treatment for sacroiliac joint pain and instability. This pain is caused by a dysfunction in the sacroiliac joint, which is the joint responsible for connecting the spine to the pelvis.  

Within the last few years, SI joint dysfunction has been reported as one of the most common sources of leg and lower back pains.  There are numerous options available for treating SI joint pain and SI joint fusion is one of the most common surgical techniques.

How is a Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Performed?

One form of SI Joint Fusion uses what is known as the iFuse System, which uses triangular titanium rods that are inserted to support the sacroiliac joint. The rods prevent over- rotation of the SI joint and provide long-term stability. A key component of this procedure is that the surface of the implant facilitates the growth of natural bone around the implant.  This bone growth, coupled with the implant, is what provides long lasting stability to the SI Joint.