Compression Fracture of the Spine

What Is A Compression Fracture of the Spine?

A Compression Fracture of the spine is characterized by several small fractures or “cracks” in the vertebrae of the spine.  Over time, these fractures begin to weaken the vertebrae and result in spinal instability as well as pain.  Spinal Compression Fractures are a progressive condition and are generally the result of osteoporosis or other bone disorders.

What Causes A Compression Fracture of the Spine?

As mentioned, Spinal Compression Fractures occur usually due to the aging process as the bones start to become brittle and thus more prone to fractures and damage.  It can also be caused due to thinning of the bones, which is a result of osteoporosis.   Another cause of spinal compression fractures is cancer, as those who suffer from cancers like myeloma are more prone to Spinal Compression Fractures.

What Are The Symptoms?

Symptoms of Spinal Compression Fractures are not very obvious which is why people often consider the symptoms to be no more normal back or neck pain. Patients who are in their 50s or older and have consistent back or neck pain should consult a specialist for a better diagnosis.